Valentino 長笛通條吸水力,轉一次就能清乾淨長笛內管

·清潔頭部管 包括重要的(但經常被忽略頭部管內部頂端)反射板



·舒適的手柄 ·長度36.5厘米 ·用溫和的洗衣液和溫水沖洗 ,可重複使用



Valentino Flute Wand


This efficent cleaning wand is designed to swab moisture from your flute in a single pass.

* Cleans the entire bore including the important (but often ignored) cork plate

* Great absorbent petals

* Plastic rod, with no risk of scratching the inside of your flute

* Comfortable handle

* One-piece unit which is long enough (36.5cm) to swab either the body, footjoint or headjoint

* Hand wash in gentle liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water

* Supplied in storage tube

Valentino Flute Wand 長笛清潔棒

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