She.Flutehome  925 純銀手工長笛饰品系列

纯手工制作,每一件都有她獨特的風格与品味 ,绝对值得有品味的你收藏


壁璽 (圓形切割)

925純銀手工 純銀項鍊 (可調整長度)





She.Flutehome handmade 925 sterling silver flute jewelry series.  


Each piece is uniquely made of flute key cups and precious/semiprecious stones, a  collectable series for someone special.


Tourmaline (round cut) pendant in 925 sterling silver open key cup, sterling silver necklace (adjustable length chain)

Platinum plated 

Made in Taiwan


Follow your dream and never give up.  Follow your heart always.  This is how She.Flutehome Jewelry started.

She.Flutehome sterling sliver flute necklace with tourmaline

Color 顏色