NAHOK Flute Case Bag B Foot [Grand Master2] White/ Pink


日本 Nahok 长笛袋 时尚又实用 兼具多功能 超高保护性


🍃有防潮的功能 , 这样子就不怕长笛的表面很快地氧化变黑了

🍃哇 还有防紫外光ㄟ

🍃恒温功能 ]

🍃保护性超高,防撞击 德国进口材质 , 日本制造

NAHOK PROTECTION CASE BAG For MusiciansWaterproof X Temperature Adjustment X Shock AbsorbMaterial from Germany, Made in Japan with Waterproof Fastener.

  • You can put the hard case transversely in a bag.
  • Please put the piccolo on top of the flute.
  • There is 1 big pocket inside.
  • There is 1 boa cover for partition.
  • 1 shoulder strap (color:beige) is included.

     height x width x depth
5.1 x 17.7 x 2.5〜3.5(inch) = 13 x 45 x 6.5〜9(cm)

  • Item Weight : 1.2(lbs) = 560(g) (NOT shipping weight)

    Material : Imported from Europe.
  • “Super Tilt”
    Made in Germany, a special coating fabric which is waterproof, antifouling, UV protective, and the degree of wet proof.
  • “Super Heat Insulator”
    Made of special foil multiplex structure is insertedin the interior of a case.
    This has the function to adjust temperature,bear heat and a shock.


NAHOK Flute Case Bag B Foot [GRANDMASTER2]

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