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ROI Woodwind Cleaning Paper|ROI木管吸水紙)

Updated: Jan 31, 2021



After playing the woodwind instrument, you must clean the pads.This is important step for us to keep our pads in good condition and let pads last longer.

If the flute pad is not in good condition or damaged, the pad will be uneven to cover the hold, this will cause intonation problems, and increase the difficulty of playing. Moreover, the price of replacing pads is expensive , so you must have a good habits, remember to regularly clean and do maintenance work each time after flute playing .


和音孔之間,輕按3到4 下,然後在按鍵打開的時候,取出吸水紙。


Put the clean paper between the pad and ring hole, and then lightly pressing 3 or 4 times. After finished, remove the clean paper during the key open.

(Please note that all the key pad must be cleaned )

~推薦大家使用Roi 木管吸水紙~

Roi - Woodwind Cleaning Paper

🍃超強吸水功能 適用於所有木管樂器

🍃一盒有100 張 每一張可以重複使用喔


🍃 音孔清潔

🍃 保持樂器皮墊乾爽

🌼Cleaning paper made from bamboo fibres

🌼quick absorbant

🌼Suitable for absorbing moisture and grease from woodwind pads( Saxophone , Oboe , flute , piccolo , Clarinet )

🌼Pack of 100

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