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Roi Flute Master Cleaner|Roi 長笛大師清潔通條

Roi Flute Master Cleaner

•It made by silicone and fine fabric.

•The fabric can absorb water and moisture perfectly.

•Water around end corner of resonator can be cleaned well.

Roi 長笛大師清潔通條

• 安全矽膠材質通條 及特殊材質布料



The video will explane to you why you should choose Roi Flute Master Cleaner




Refill part can be washed and reused

Soak the absorbent cloth in soap water to wash, and then dry the absorbent cloth in a dry place.

可以單獨購替換布更換, 有四種顏色: 粉紅色、黃色、藍色、綠色

Refill available color :blue, pink, yellow, green

17 mm標準線 17 mm Center mark

Pink handle added 有粉紅色的棒子可選擇

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